Last November, the week before my daughter was born, OpenAI released the Assistants API. I tried building an app with it and was impressed with the simplicity and power of the abstraction so I decided to start sleep deprivation early and built v0 of `astra-assistants`.

Astra Assistants is a drop in replacement for OpenAI's Assistants API that supports third party LLMs and embedding models and uses AstraDB / Apache Cassandra for persistence and ANN. You can use our managed service on Astra or you can host it yourself since it's open source.

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As you can see below, you can simply patch your OpenAI client with the assistants client library and pick your model. This will point your app at our managed astra-assistants service instead of at OpenAI.

astra asssistants works with third party models like claude-3-5-sonnet, gemini 1.5, command-r-plus, and even local ollama models with a single line of code

Astra Assistants will automatically route LLM and embedding calls to your model provider of choice using LiteLLM and it will persist your threads, messages, assistants, vector_stores, files, etc. to AstraDB. File search leverages AstraDB's vector functionality powered by jvector.

For authentication you must provide corresponding api keys for the model provider(s). We recommend using environment variables in a .env file which automatically get picked up and sent to the astra-assistants service as http request headers by the astra-assistants client library when you patch the OpenAI sdk.

sample .env file with some api keys


Astra Assistants is a python project built on fastapi that implements the backend for Assistants API using the Cassandra python driver and LiteLLM.

If you run astra-assistants yourself you can even point to your local ollama setup for use with open source models.

Release and improvements

We launched the service on November 15th 2023:

Introducing the Astra Assistants API | DataStax
Learn about the new Astra Assistants API
astra assistants hosted service was announced on November 16th

We added streaming support in February 2024 (before OpenAI):

Astra Assistants API Now Supports Streaming: Because Who Wants to Wait? | DataStax
DataStax announces support for OpenAI style streaming runs in Astra Assistants--it is available both in the managed service and the open source codebase.

We open sourced the server side code in March of 2024

The Astra Assistants API Is Now Open Source | DataStax
We’re excited to announce that the Astra Assistants API server, our drop-in replacement for the OpenAI Assistants API, is now open source.

And we added support for assistants v2 (including vector_stores) in June of 2024.


It's been a ton of fun working on Astra Assistants and I'll continue to post updates here so stay tuned!

If you like the project please give us a github star! Stars and join us on Discord! Discord chat